You can call me Sel, or Spirit, or just S. As you can probably see from the state of the site, I have... absolutely no experience in coding, lol. (Please don't look at the source code. I took from a template but looking there will probably cause pain.) My html experience starts and ends with changing colors in my Tumblr theme lmao. But I used to run a couple (really, really bad) websites when I was a kid, and stumbling upon neocities brought up a lot of nostalgia so I decided to give it another shot ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ I won't look at my old sites though. I know the one I had with a friend is still up I will not look at it.

This place is of course still very much under construction; once there's a bit of actual content on here maybe I'll make this more of an about me page. There's the whole cafe theme going on here but that happened by chance after I named it so uh... It's not going to be relevant to the site's actual content lol. I'm probably just gonna slap whatever stuff I like on here to showcase it :) So the same kind thing most of my abandoned childhood websites were. But we'll see! The one thing I can tell you for sure is eventually there will be a page about my Furbys.

I'll introduce you to the guys you saw on the homepage later, too ⛦◜▿◝ They're the cafe employees.